Student Apartments Charleston SC | SkyGarden


Wake up. Shower. Grab a coffee. Walk to Class. Enjoy the views. Call up friends and play some pool. Hit the books in the study room. Blow off some steam and hit the weights. Ditch your old place. The newest student community in Charleston is ready for you.


Everything we are and all that we do is catered towards serving our student residents. Study, work, play and we’ll take care of the rest so that you can enjoy the amazing lifestyle that your college days and the city of Charleston have to offer. COME VISIT OUR BRAND-NEW APARTMENTS TODAY.

The Perfect Location

Location. Location. Location. No shuttle needed. Close the Uber app. Keep your car parked. Only steps from downtown, 8 minutes to campus, and moments away from the hotspots. Everything is within reach.


SKYGARDEN has the most amenities of any student residence in Charleston. We do it right, by crafting great living experiences, inside, outside and all throughout SKYGARDEN. Want to know more? Join the A-list to receive exclusive information about our distinctive amenities, units and unique property features.